National Geographic Explorer 60mm Telscope

  • 14999

  • National Geographic 60mm Alt-azimuth Refractor Telescope

    • Equipped with two high-contrast 1 1/4" eyepieces (26 mm and 9.7 mm) and a powerful 1.5 Barlow lens, giving you four magnification powers from 27x to 144x .
    • Change telescope power by simply changing the eyepiece and/or using the Barlow lens.
    • Equipped with slow-motion controls, making it exceptionally easy to use for astronomical viewing.
    • Includes software (PC only) featuring a 10,000-object database and a planisphere.
    • Includes a red-dot viewfinder helps you easily locate the objects you want to view.
    • The 60-mm fully coated objective lens with high transmission coatings offers superior light-gathering and renders images with enhanced brightness and clarity.
    • Makes coarse and fine adjustments in both vertical and horizontal directions
    • Tripod adjustable from 24" to 41"H

    Suitable for Ages 10 and Up